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Isolated by a forest that stretches for miles, Camp Liberty is the perfect place for Chris to disappear and escape from the tragedy of his current life. But something lurking in the woods begins to disrupt Chris’s weekend getaway.

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DBS Production Notes:

The Girl in Cabin 13 was our 9th movie and was the first movie we made after the start of the Corona virus and was a 2 year gap since finishing The Devil in the Room. This was also the first film that Brendan was the Director of Photography for the shoot.

Between those two elements we ended up coming up with the story and wanted to make it very basic and straight forward to shoot. We had started the concept back in the end of 2019 and finished it 2021 due to a stop of our productions.

The script was one of our easier ones as when had a very firm idea of what this was and what we wanted it to be scope wise.

We started filming in April of 2021 and had our final cut ready in August. The movie was our first one to be picked up by the distributor Gravtas Ventures and is a significant milestone in how we push our movies.



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