What’s a DBS Super Fan?

A DBS Super Fan is someone who is interested not only in our movies but also in the overall process and development of our Indie Studio. In return for your support you’ll get amazing perks such as:

  • Pre-release screenings of our new movies before release
  • Access to our scripts for the upcoming features
  • Exclusive access and content to the DBS Team
  • Name in the credits of our movies
  • Annual DBS Super Fans Event (Fall 2022)
  • Much more as we scale!

How do I become a Super Fan?

It’s very easy, the main thing you need to do is join our discord community as that’s how we track and interact with our community the most.

Join our Discord (

From there we have a point system based on watching and interacting with our community, it basically rewards you for supporting our films and studio.

Do I need to devote a lot of time to being a super fan?

Not at all! We want this to always be something that can fit into the busy schedule of life for everyone. While we will always notice those that want to be even more active with helping us build the community, it’s mainly just watching our movies and letting us know what you think!

Do you guys have Merch?

We sure do and would love for you to rock it!

DBS Merch Store (