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The Unseen

Recovering from a tragedy, a young couple move into an old house on a quiet street. What was thought to bring them solace is now the source of their conflict. Crazy neighbors, odd noises, and something dead in crawl space have the couple struggling to determine what is reality and what is fiction. There’s only one truth: no one is safe.

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DBS Production Notes:

The Unseen was our third horror film and was a retraction to how complex our second movie was. This film focused around being as simple and straight forward to produce. It centered around a small cast and a single location which created a very easy and efficient set.

The Movie was completed in August 2017 and released at the start of 2018. It was our first movie to have a successful launch making back it’s budget within the first week. It gave us the confidence to continue moving forward with our studio model.




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